Freelance UI + UX Designer | NYC


visual design, interaction design, motion, concept, responsive design,

T Brand Studio collaborated with Veritas to tell the story of how movie studios manage, store and transport data in the production and distribution of their films. My role here involved coming up with unique concepts with the illustrator, designing the full layout as well as the designing the interactive byte story.




Here is a video of the Veritas paid post story. I led the visual design which entailed concepting the idea, art directing the illustrator, coming up with animation treatments and designing the overall digital editorial narrative.




Before designing, I created wireframes to establish the editorial flow. I then collaborated with a developer and editor to plan what interactives to use.




Data can be extremely boring and explaining it was a challenge that we were excited to take on. We drew comparisons with the movie industry, brainstormed themes and used lots of engaging visual analogies to explain tough metrics. I worked with an awesome illustrator to support the narrative. I also designed a byte sized visual story to explain how much data is used in the movie industry. This was probably one of the best uses of animation and illustration while I designed for the New York Times.