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Bleecker St.

visual design, interaction design, concept, responsive design,

T Brand Studio partnered with Bleecker Street to tell the story of Dalton Trumbo. Trumbo was a Hollywood writer who was blacklisted for his political beliefs in the 1950s. This immersive experience included lots of archival research to pull imagery, video and audio to support the story.




Here is a full video of the paid post editorial story. I led the visual design which involved designing for custom animation, a NYT article archive, archival audio, video footage as well as the editorial story.




Before creating the user experience, I created wireframes to establish the basic structure of the experience and user flow. I then collaborated with a developer, photographer and editor to plan what interactives would tell the best story.




The design approach was inspired by the Russian Constructivst era. Dalton Trumbo was considered a communist and labeled as a trader to America. I wanted to evoke what communism felt like visually. So I put emphasis on creating design elements that had tension. I also used bold colors (red and black) and the layering of objects with older textures. This was one of my favorite experiences that I created while at the New York Times.